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About OK Estates

Cal Manky

Cal brings over 15 years of experience in customer service to this business, having previously managed inventory, shipping and receiving departments at Doorland Windows and Doors, as well as performing customer sales and support, project scheduling and design services. He is well spoken, polite, and sensitive to each customer’s individual needs.

Cal has been actively involved in the collectibles market for almost 10 years and has a sharp eye for many items of value. His hobby of buying and selling collectibles on eBay since 2001 has helped Cal develop a keen understanding of what can be expected at auction for many sought after collectibles and antiques as well as other unusual items of interest. Cal has a 100% positive eBay feedback rating with over 2600 satisfied customers worldwide.

Honesty and fairness are two of Cal’s greatest attributes. Cal offers a 100% eBay customer satisfaction guarantee that if his product is received not as described all of the customer’s expenses are completely refunded. The essence of this policy will be extended to CALS Complete Asset Liquidation Services in that all work performed will meet or exceed the agreed contractual obligation.

Cal is a technology graduate of Okanagan College in Kelowna BC. He has many years of experience in engineering, home renovation, and repairs to meet building code requirements. Improvement of the aesthetics and saleabilty of various properties have resulted in significant increases in value. He has developed in-law suites, installed divider walls, constructed exterior decks and porches, performed window and door replacements, as well as myriad small repairs that fall under the home maintenance umbrella. He has the experience to see what can be easily accomplished to make any property more attractive to a prospective purchaser.

Complete Asset Liquidation Services (CALS) is a full service company based in Kelowna BC that evaluates and purchases all remaining downsize, estate and bankruptcy items and performs or manages the dispersal and final property clean-up as well as performing minor repairs to prepare the premises for resale or end-of-lease, performed with an honest, sensitive and environmentally friendly attitude. There is no other full service company such as this in the Central Okanagan.

CALS is owned and operated by Cal Manky in Kelowna, BC, and serves the Okanagan Valley. CALS is licensed and insured with bonded employees and contractors for customer peace of mind. Full service downsizing, estate and bankruptcy cleanout is provided in an environmentally sensitive manner, reusing and recycling all materials wherever possible in an effort to reduce waste and keep useable items out of the landfill. Basic property cleaning and restoration services are included at the clients’ request.

CALS serves local as well as out of town clients, especially executors of estates, who need assistance in preparing properties for resale (or end of lease) so that their time can be better utilized dealing with other more important matters. Full services include inventory and assessment of contents, cleanout of the entire property for reuse or recycling, and cleanup and repair of structures for resale. We also provide referrals to local professional services.

Cal has over 20 years of experience in buying and selling antiques and collectibles, and has performed numerous home renovations and repairs. He has a keen interest in reuse, recycling and environmental protection. Unsold or unsaleable items of no significant value will be recycled as existing facilities allow, donated to charity, auctioned off, or, as a last resort, disposed of in as safe and environmentally friendly manner as possible.

Our Core Values


CALS is licensed and insured, and each employee is bonded. We pride ourselves in providing fair assessment of value and cost and stand behind each contract with integrity.


CALS is a Kelowna based business and cares deeply about our friends and neighbours. You can depend on friendly service because our customers are our future!


CALS is dedicated to fulfilling our commitments efficiently, promptly, and to our customers’ satisfaction.