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Our Difference

You Have Many Options When Dealing With The Liquidation Of An Estate

Do It Yourself

You can spend your own time sorting through every item, pricing everything out for your estate sale, selling things or throwing them out as seems correct at the time, but there may be valuable items that are sold for too little, or worse yet, lost. It is amazing that some things actually have collectible value. (Warning: your two weeks off your regular employment schedule may not be long enough when preparing a property for resale.)

Hire a Disposal Company

You get hire a disposal company to come in and clear out your estate. There are many responsible contractors that think green, recycling wherever they can as they haul your stuff to the landfill. Of course you remove anything of value before the disposal starts, because when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Hire an Auction House

You hire an auction house to come and take your items to auction. There will be costs for moving your belongings to the auction, a 40% commission on all sales, and more costs for moving the items that don’t sell back to your place. Auction houses don’t take everything in the estate, either, only the things they think they can sell. Refer to option two, above.

Call Cal at OK Estates

Call CALS. Cal Manky, the owner and President of CALS, has many, many years of antiques and collectibles experience and has also been an eBay auctioneer for almost 10 years, amassing a huge positive feedback rating of over 2600 satisfied customers. He knows what things can reasonably be sold for. Cal has lived in the greater Kelowna area for over 20 years, building up a strong network of associates and valuable knowledge of the collectibles market in order to obtain the very best financial settlement for your estate. Cal has many other skills, including a lot of experience in inventory procedures so that nothing gets missed in your estate dispersal, and with his passion for sales and marketing you are sure to get the most out of your estate!